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Residential Security Shutters

The raising of crimes and thefts, is increasing the security that a house should have to be "shielded" by such malicious actions. Our company has been proposing and placing safety rolling shutters on balcony doors, windows and even in m\ain entrances of detached houses and apartments providing full security, functionality and aesthetics.


Our main target is to keep the ‘’unwanted visitors’’ away or to make their work so difficult so it prevent them from violating your home. Our concern is to understand your needs, to point out the places in your house that lack form security and then together to plant the best solution for you.

It is very important to know that a professional-thief-technician is a tough opponent but most of the times does not pose a threat to your physical integrity, as he knows the places that lack form security and targets the home by having the right tools and know-how to violate them. But 90% of the thefts are nonprofessional without proper expertise and tools but unfortunately with a risk to your integrity.

With the security shutters form Lowedoors we focus to the first profile of thefts the professional ones so we can prevent the second profile.

Observe the following houses and you will understand that the reason why security rolling shutters were placed around the perimeter was the high security required either because of home isolation or because of frequent theft cases. Unfortunately, the customers most of the times come to us after theft is already done and they do not try to prevent it.






The rolling shutters that we use in houses are made of galvanized steel, painted in color of choice, thickness of 0.7mm up to 1.2mm. The quides are 7X7cm industrial type with PVC rubber and brush providing high security degree. The cover box is made of 2 sides or type Γ” consist of 2 pieces and side caps for covering unwanted wires. Finally, we emphases on the silented operation of the rolling shutter by installing SOMFY engine, with the best and easier manual operation. Our goal is the rolling shutters at any time to be easy to open manually from the inside so that in a case of panic to escape easily.



The rolling shutters can be paired with remote controls or wireless push buttons.






In french doors we use perforated rolling shutters, that are made of galvanized steel going through the process of perforation with tiny holes closed to each other, diameter φ 3,00mm, so it presents good aeration and exceptional transparency. With perforated rolling shutters you can sleep with the balcony door open, you see out, having cool and ventilate home, and at the same time having mosquito protection. All this to the maximum degree of security.


Below there are fotograths of balcony door from inside and outside to understand the game of light.






  Rolling shutters are perfectly suitable in front of main entrances, most of the times they consist of closed shutters with some perforated leaves in the client’s filled of view, to look out outside at any time without to be seen for safe opening of the main door.



Observe a main door that has been violated, now for high security has been placed rolling shutter. Below you can see more samples.




Advantages and disadvantages of rolling shutters

The advantages of rolling shutters are many. Firstly they offer the highest security even form the toughest folding rails. Also they are suitable at any opening despise how big it is in wide. In opening up to 2.50 m wide the rolling shutters are cheaper solution than folding rails so shutters consist a better solution and more valuable one. Although rolling shutters have some disadvantages, in some openings the placing of shutters is not always possible, like the folding rails. Also they require power supply, they are more time consuming and finally the transportation of shutters is much harder because they weight a lot.


Our company with our experienced and specialized garages staff guarantee the correct installation of the LOWEDOORS security rolls, the quick service and finally the 3-year warranty of the material, which includes a complete replacement in case of failure (COMPANY GUARANTEE)

To protect your house contacted us for an economical offer.






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