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General Profile


The residential rolling shutters are separated in 3main parts, in the guides, the axes and the shutter curtain. The secondary parts are the cover boxes and the accessories that combine the rolling shutter, such us locks, central motor, remote controls and others.


1)Mechanism with springs: The mechanism with springs- the axes, consist of the “heart” of the rolling shutter and their good quality promises such as the right function of the shutter. The spring is located inside the drum and it is the main part which produces enough torque so that it compensates the weight that remains in each point of the way. Thus, it is facilitated in the hand operation.


In conclusion, each rolling shutter has a different mechanism of elevation, depending on the weight and the width of the raised role as well as the frequency of use and the type of axes.


The springs raise not the motor but the rolling shutter, of this reason, our company gives great emphasis in the quality of the springs, using only special alloy spiral springs with average duration of 3500 cycles and 3 years guarantee. For rolling shutters up to 4,00m wide are used axes Φ76 and our drums are of closed type, protecting the springs from dust and humidity, provided with great life spend of the spring. Finally, the drum is coved with a special plastic PVC, which protects the curtain of the shutter from damages and also rotates around them.

2) Guides for rolling shutter:The guides are differentiated depending on their thickness and their size. They are also categorized in the simply type «Π» and the industrial or safety type «Ω» that are equipped with PVC rubber and brush that reduces friction and noise during their movement.


Simply guides 2cm, 4cm, 6cm, prefect for narrow spaces, suitable for rolling grilles and for general stores.



Guides 5x7cm, 7x7cm and 11χ7cm industrial type with PVC rubber and brush, suitable for residential or industrial use. Offers quiet operation and maximum security. For rolling shutters up to 5.00m width, it required an 11cm guide for maximum safety and great wind resistant.




Special made guide that works together with the storm anchor of the slats increases the resistance of the wind pressure and offers maximum security of the shutter. Available also in externally U shape 1cm thickness profile for reinforcement of the guides.


At the top part of the guides, they are the lateral plates that have adjustable supports for perfect position of the axes and the springs. The dimensions of the lateral plates are various depending on the height of each rolling shutter, in 33x33, 35x35,37x37,40x40,45x45,50x50

The lower part of the lateral plates, are a suitable places of the mechanical stop for stopping the shutter when it is manually working. The use of mechanical stop insures that the shutter will not fail from the guides and create any accidents.


3) Curtain for the shutter.:The curtain is the main body of the rolling shutter and it is differentiated for aesthetic reasons and depending on the needs of visibility and the safety. Our company offers mutable variants of curtains covering each security demand of the building that it protects, in prefect harmony with the functional and architectural requirements.

The main differentiation of the shutters is in close type and open type.

Close type: The main characteristic of this type is that it provides a high degree of protection, which is suitable for space that requires high safety, without the requirement of vision. They can also provide insulation of the place that they protect, using the double profile with filling of polyurethane. After special procedure of perforation the close shutters can provide vision, lighting and ventilation. They are available in differed sizes.










OPEN TYPE: They are distinguished of the high visibility that they provide when rolling shutters are lowered and called grilles. They are made out of galvanized circular section rod iron Φ8mm and they are linked with powerful contacts from galvanized iron thickness of 1,5mm, creating miscellaneous opening (eyes). The grilles are handmade and they are available in 3 deferent sizes: the big eye 17x12, the medium eye 10x11 and the small eye 7x5.



The closed rolling shutters are contended with the help of plastic polymide locking clips that keep steady the leaf and reduce the friction between them. Our company uses good quality plastics, which they don’t break and this way the rolling shutter moves without hesitation and without friction and sounds.




At the end of the rolling shutter (the last leaf) it is placed a double profile aluminium leaf with a high quality rubber for smooth contact with the floor.


4) Cover boxes:The cover boxes are optional and they are made out of galvanized steel, painted in the color of choice. When the rolling shutter is inside the opening the cover box is only for aesthetic reasons, but is necessary when the rolling shutter is outside and the motor needs to be covered from weather conditions as well as unwanted visitors who will have easy access to the operation.

Cover box made of 2 sides or typeΓ” consist of 2 pieces and side caps for covering unwanted wires.


Cover box made of 3 sides or type Π”, consist of 3 pieces and side caps for covering unwanted wires


Front panel or cover box 1 side is required in case that there is no lintel or enough space for the lintel.


5) Accessories of the rolling shutter

Manual use of the rolling shutter.

The manually used shutter is locked with incorporating locks. The lock can be only one at the center or it can be placed in both sides of the shutter. Our company is cooperating with the prefer locks from Italy.



After request there is the possibility for safety locks with keys that their not able to be recopied.

Also our company has the ground system lock, that provides more security because of a part of the lock that it is hidden inside the ground.







Automate rolling shutter

  The automate rolling shutter is consisted of the central motor, the control board and the remote controls that gives the order for movement.

1 .Central motor


2 .control board


      3 .remote controls.


The central motor for rolling shutters is analyzed at the operations and the control panels with the remote controls in the automations and accessories.



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