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Industrial Rolling Shutters


The industrial rolling shutters are suitable for industrial areas and warehouses that have big openings and the frequency of use is high. This type of rolling shutters does not requires services or replacements, cause of the high frequency use like the springs, because the shutter raises all of its the weight with the powerful lateral motor. The parts that differentiate a rolling shutter to an industrial one are presented below.

The shaft of the shutter has suitable diameter and thickness depending on the width and the weight of the role, it is available in Φ133,168,193,220 and Φ159, most likely thickness of 4,00mm. The end shaft axis transports the torque with wedge and welding for more safety.


Industrial lateral motor 3-phase or one phase for rolling shutters from 200 up to 1200 weight .



Our company offers huge variety in lateral motors, that cover any needs.


Hand operation with crank or chain.

For the hand operation in the industrial shutters is used the crank when the rolling shutter is short and the chain when the height of the shutter requires it. A disadvantage in the industrial rolling shutters is that in the manual use ,despise using the crank or the chain, the movement is slow compering the rolling shutters with springs.



Safety bearings.

The safety bearing is constantly measuring the speed of the moving rolling shutter when it is closing and in case that the speed is faster than normal it stops the movement. That way protects the shutter from going through from unverifiable fall.






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