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Motor for sectional doors

Garage door operators are the engines that used to drive the garage doors like sectional and up and over garage doors. Our company cooperates with many companies in engines, since 2006 we collaborate and we have the representation of HORMANN in Thessaloniki and Northern Greece. The installation of new garage doors made by our company concerns only the installation of HORMANN motor when the doors are of the same company. In replacements or in the installation of garage doors of other company, we use motor of other reputable companies such as SOMFY, NICE, KEY.



The garage door operation consists of the head-body and the rail. Each motor wears its own rail, when a motor is replaced you can not keep the old rail if it is from another house. Depending on the size of the door, a corresponding motor is placed and a corresponding rail.


Type of garage door operations :



The markets leading motors for perfect fit for use with HORMANN’s door. It has a 5-year warranty and is available in various models based on the dimensions of the door and frequency of use



Good reasons to try Hormann.:

1)Unique operation boom with toothed belt, with silent operation and automatic door locking , only in Hormann. When the garage door is closed, the anti-lift kit automatically engages in the operator boom and is secured against forced opening. This process is purely mechanical, so it can also work without power supply. The operation doom is made out of Kevlar toothed belt, is particularly tear- resistant and quiet running.



2)Reliable use. Automatic stop in the case that the door detects an object or a person. Smooth start and stop that ensures the correct function of the door. Extremely quite use and easy manually operation with an emergency release form the inside of the door. Halogen lighting that is switched on when the door is moving. 5 year warranty that ensures the top quality of the motor.



3)Good reson to try hormann. Faster opening up to 50% with Supramatic motor. BISECURE technology, the remote control informs you of the position of the door without any contact. Additional opening setting in order to ventilate your garage. Easy settings and programming with a two digit number. Low power supply with the new type motors 3 from HORMANN.




To download the catalog for the Hormann motors click here…

      DEXXO PRO 800-1000

A great motor form the leading company in automations SOMFY, trustworthy, in a very good price. It is available with5 years warranty.





Huge variety in accessories and upgrades for the motor. Somfy also provides after request the special motor’s boom- belt for intensive use for 90.000 cycles per bay use.

To download the manual of the motor click here…






Excellent motor form the Italian company NICE.


VIPER 700-1000




A very good motor with excellent production from the Italian company KEY in a very good price.

To download the manual of the motor click here..


Accessories for garage doors operator.

1)Battery for use in a case of emergency like power failure.


2) Emergency release form the outside of the door for manual use in a case of power failure.



3) Lighting when the operator is moving like flashing lights or buzzer alarm.





5)  Automations, remote controls or wall push button




For more info in the accessories click here…







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