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The automatic bollards are the discreet and stylish solution to protect and control your place. They prevent the illegal parking and increase security by stopping vandalism and attempted of robberies. They are ideal for lots of places such us houses, banks, jewelry stores, public and prevent buildings.

THe columns then they are deactivated they are hiding inside the ground, allowing for easy access on top of them even to the lowers cars. Also they are able to undergo to extreme weight loads in whatever mode they are.

The installation requires 1m depth excavation (depending on the mechanism), careful installation of the automations and filling with cement.


Depending on your needs choose your own automatic bollard.

Semi- automatic bollards

The semi-automatic bollards operate with the help of a special triangle key. With the activation of the bollard by putting the special key in the right place the bollard quickly take the wanted place.

They are made of reinforced steel thickness of 4 up to 6mm and they are available in galvanized with electrostatic pain and in inox surface from. The semi automatic bollard are able to tolerate forces up to 30.000J.






Electromechanical Bollards


  The electromechanical bollards are able to work with remote controls, switches or even movement sensors, this way they are the most practical and easy option for parking systems

In case of power failures, the bollards are deactivated and go to open position inside the group.

The electromechanical bollards are made of steel and they are available in galvanized with electrostatic pain and in inox surface. The automatic bollard are for 1500 operations per day and they are able to tolerate forces form 150000 up to up to 250.000J.


Antiterrorism and hydraulic bollards



The antiterrorism bollards are suitable for places with a lot of people and the risk of damages. Their enhanced construction is able to withstand from 730,000J up to and 2,100,000J force without damage or destruction of the mechanism .

They have protection system and in case of power failure they automatically turn to open position in the group. They are made of reinforced steel thickness of 10 up to 25 mm and the are available in galvanized surfaced with electrostatic pain and in inox. The antiterrorism bollards are ideal for continuous – industrial use up to 2000 times per day.





The bollards depending on the needs of the customer and the place of installation they can be paired with various accessories. In places with reduced visibility in order to avoid accidents and conflicts, the bollards can provide decreased lighting and buzzer. This way they warn other cars near by and pedestrians for the use of the place and they are reducing accidents.




Also the bollards can be paired with external rechargeable battery. In case of power failure, the bollards can still be working thanks to the external battery and when the power is back in use the bollards turns automatically in normal use. This way they offer unstoppable and continues control of your place.

The control systems and the automations that can be paired with the bollards are plenty. The use can be made with a special key or by distant with remote controls, push buttons or even by shelf phones or tablets.

For more information about the automations, click here.








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