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Our company has many solutions on parking systems, we have been working with many foreign companies and having placed many barriers both in professional PARKING, airports, camps, as well as in hotels and public places. The need to secure the parking space has made very popular to install automatic barriers in building complexes, houses and even in personal parking places.


The barriers are consist of the main body, the vertical colum that includes the mechanism and the contor board,and the barrier that most of the time is made out of aluminium so they are light weight. Below you can see multable accessories for aytomatic barriers.


The aytomatic barriers are differentiated accordingly their sizes, the size of the barriers, the frequently of use and their speed of movement. The wide of barriers is and 8 m despise the main body and the frequency of use is normal, industrial or non-stop use.

  TYPE OF Automatic barriers




Electromechanical barrier form SOMFY type LEVIXO 230V in two versions in type with 3,00m barrier and 5,00m barrier for 1200 and 600 cycles per day (undustrial use) with opening speed 4 up to 8 s.

Top quality barrier made by one of the biggest companies with 3 years written warranty and at the cheapest price from our company




Electromechanical barrier GR Italy 230V in 3 versions the MAX 5 with the 5.00m barrier , the GR600 with 6.00m barrier and the VENEZIA with barrier up to 6,00m with aluminum lip and special lighting in the barrier.




All the GR barrier are accompanied with control board from the top Italian company seav and offer 2 year warrantee.



Electromechanical barrier from BENINCA Italy type EVA with barrier 7 & 5 up to 7,00m for non-stop use.




The barrier has built in flashing lights. Robust construction and awesome design by a leading Italian company.





Industrial barriers from the Italian company CASIT suitable for motorways with barrier up to 8,00m and with maximum opening speed 1,5s to barriers with 2,00m barrier.

All the barrier in case of emergency have manual use with a switch or a special key.


Special barriers


Barriers in INOX. Suitable for areas where there is high oxidation such as islands, coastal areas, our company suggests special stainless steel bars that are an ideal solution but are available after request.

High endurance barriers. Suitable for banks, embassies, solitary camps.


Accessories for automatic barriers

Our company has a huge variety in accessories for automatic barriers and we are able to satisfied all the need of the costumers. Most of the accessories can be adapt in any type of barrier, but there are types that can only be adapt with a specifically type of barrier

1)   Base for main body of barriers

2)   Aluminium barrier.

3)   Plastic covers for barriers with lids.


4)   Aluminium fence for the down side of barriers.

5)   Set of illumination with control board inside the rubber that surrounds the barrier.


6)   Fixed bollard for the barrier.

For more info in accessoriers click here

Small sample for already installed automatic barriers

















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