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Automatic door systems

The automatic door systems have been designed to make your daily life easier. Based on your needs, they combine elegant designs, functionality and low cost.

They are perfect for places that they are grounded like hospitals, hotels, banks, shopping centers and privet buildings. They offer easy access, reliable and safety movement and consist a magnificent and elegant choice.

Our company cooperates with the biggest manufacturers abroad (Italy and Germany), offering mutable so lutions for the automatic operation all the types of doors like sliding, swing or rotating doors, despise the weight and the direction of the door. GEZE is consider to be one of the leader companies in automations systems. Constantly all the automations are submitted to endurance tests under real-life conditions, continual further developments and improvements to details.

Swing Door Systems

The swing door systems make going through a door easier in the event that manual operation is too complex or difficult. The absolute reliability and safety of the swing door drives go hand in hand with clear and modern design lines. They are perfect for all kinds of doors single or double leaf, heavy or light and in compilation with their elegant design, the can be easily and quickly be install even in the most demanding places. Despise your needs the systems are available in manual or automatic use.


The manual systems thanks to the hidden driving rod, give you the opportunity to adjust and control the opening and the closing of your door. With the special adjustable shaft, even the most heavy and large doors open easily and close gently, protecting the door against any damage.



The automatics systems have the most modern of innovative drives in which high performance capability, security, convenience and design are a priority and go towards ensuring that they are both the focus and the eye catcher of every entrance area. They offer the opportunity to choose with easy programming the position of the door, open or close and the direction of the movement. Also, thanks to the silently operation and the low consumption, they are the perfect solution for professional offices, building entrances and even residential spaces. In heavy and long doors that require high frequency of use, they are special performance hydraulic operations that can handle up to 600kg per leaf.


Sliding door systems

The sliding door systems are the best solutions for areas that require easy, reliable, elegant and inexpensive systems. The powerful sliding motor ensures quite travels and safety operation, without the need of service. The unique design fits all the doors, it requires minimum space and offers a perfect aesthetic result. Also the are perfect for areas with high operation such us hospitals, hotels, malls, and supermarkets. The sliding doors systems offer multiple ways of locking depending on the required safety of the building. They offer the possibility to lock in various places, manually or even automatically, making your sliding door inviolable.


Circular sliding door system

A building reveals its character as soon as you see the design of its entrance area. With fine framing, in the form of all-glass solutions and with exceptional designs, revolving and circular sliding doors add a very special touch to your entrance area. The doors separate the indoor and outdoor climate, keeping outside draughts, dust and unwanted noise, offering a peaceful and pleasant environment. They are available in multiple designs. A show stopping choose is the circular sliding ALL-glass, that they are made out of special safety glass with tiny and discreetly aluminium edges.



The circular sliding doors can operate manually, semi-automatic or fully-automatic. Also you can control the speed of the movement or the complete shut down. With a special automatic safety lock the doors seal and remain inviolable.



Sensors-Operating systems

The automatic door systems can be paired with multiple sensors, depending the security, the way of operation and the design. In gates with high frequency of use which requires quick and easy opening they are recommend movement sensors. With the move of a human or an object the door opens instantly.





Also, the automatic systems can be paired with remote controls, with special keypad wall type, with key pads, or a compilation of all. In a case that the door is used like emergency exit, it is recommended to be paired with smoke and pressure sensors. Also the doors can be compined with photocells for the sefaty operation and a special battery back up system for aytomatic use even in a case of power fail.




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