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Side Sliding Sectional Doors

The side sliding sectional doors are easily fitted even to the most demanded spaces. For example, in cases that the roof in the a garage door should stay clear, the side sliding doors are the optimal solution.

They open sideways, parallel to the wall, demanding the least space of opening position, that way they save valuable space inside and in front of the garage. They can de position either clockwise or counterclockwise.



The side sectional doors have a precise, easily and quietly door travel. Thanks to the twin rollers made of wear- resistant plastic and the aluminium rail, they prevent the door section from jumping out and ensure good leaf stability.





At the closing the door is well sealed with a flexible and weather- resistant seal on the sides and in lintel area of the door frame, as well as between the individual sections and at the bottom edge. Also is securely locked with the help of two additional hooks on the side of the door. This mechanical advantage preventing the door from being forced open.



The descript aluminium floor rail reliably guides the side sliding doors and prevents the sections from swiveling out. A flat design of only 25mm makes it easy to drive in and out, to clean out dirt and leaves and reduces the risk of tripping up.






Our company represents the best quality garage doors form the German manufacture HORMANN since 2006.





Thanks the innovated technological solutions and the high production quality down to the last detail, the garage doors provide 10 year warranty for the door panels and 5 year warranty for the door operators.





The 42mm thick, PU- foamed sandwich panels are characterised by excellent acoustic and thermal insulation, in addition to good door leaf stability and smooth running.




The inexpensive surface with the authentic sawn timber look. The robust surface of the panel help to conceal any minor scratches or hits. This surface is available in RAL colors.


This silky smooth surface finish promises an elegant and impressive look to your garage door. A 50% thicker exterior sheet on the sections also ensures higher stability and even smoother running. This surface is available in RAL colors.

Color choosing

The steel side sliding sectional doors are available in 15 basic RAL colors. The use of hot- galvanized material and a high quality polyester- primer coating on both sides of the door ensures that the German garage doors form ΗΟΡΜΑΝΝ are perfectly protect against rust.



This finely structures surface is ideal for modernhomes. Is available in 4 basic RAL colors.


Choose between an authentic timber look or an elegant metallic appearance in Anthracite. Also the surface decograin is UV- resistant, thanks to the s pecial plastic film coating. It is available in 2 natural colors of timber or a metallic appearance.









A classic and timeless design with vertical narrow sections.

It is avallable in woodgrain, sandgrain, silkgrain and decograin.





Modern and elegant design with vertical wide sections. It is available in sandgrain, silkgrain and decograin.







The unique and engaging design of uniformly divided panelled doors. It is available in woodgrain and decograin.





Combine your sectional garage doors with the elegant windows by HORMANN and enjoy the natural light, the low cost power consumption and the sufficient ventilation.




Security both day and night with automatic locking.


Choose the supra-fast operator supramatic, with the 50% faster opening time, the low power consumption, the halogen lighting that can be switch on and off, the BISECUR technology that allows you to conveniently and safely operate your door and the 5 year warranty.


The economical solution with the brand quality of HORMANN. Choose the operator promatic, with the halogen lighting, the additional opening height for a well- ventilated garage, the opportunity to function with alternative power such as batteries or solar modules and the 5 years warranty.

For more info about the operators. Click here.

Pair your operator with radio accessories. Choose your mobile hand transmitter or your stationary radio accessory through a huge variety of elegant designs.



For more info about the automations. Click here.


Combine your sliding sectional garage door with the functional and elegant handles from HORMANN. In a case of emergency, you can easily open your door manually by using the discreet lock.

Choose between a huge variety.

Also, only in HORMANN you can find the integrated lockable handle with full radio internal push button functions. Two buttons and a sliding switch on the interior side of the handle allow you to complete open and close the door, operate the wicket door function or switch off the radio signal.







If you want to download the catalogue for the sliding sectional garage doors. Click here.





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