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Tahoma-Connexoon Smart Home


The demands of everyday life often are accompanied by stress and loss of control. In order to make your live easier, Somfy the biggest company in automation systems, produced an innovating systems that allows you to gather wireless and control remotely all your automations using your smartphone, tablet or computer. With quick and easy movements you can contact with your house or your workspace, having the ultimate control of your automations.


A central unit is connected to the router of your internet and gives you the access in Somfy Cloud. This way, without complicated procedures, you can wireless connect all your existing electrical installations.




Via a convenient application with smart software, specially design to be friendly in use, you can gather, control and program all your automations form a distanced.



The smart controlling technology offers the maximum security. In case of false command, like incorrect termination or inability to execute an order, you will be alert through the smart application 24 hours a day. Also the operating frequency can not be intercepted and it is completely harmless to the human body. It is a certificated and guaranteed product, that has been full tested to be hackerproof (Syss Award).                                                                                   



The application can be linked with broad range of products. You are able to control all the existing automations in a place like motors for blinds, curtains, awnings, roller shutters, garage doors, gates, lighting, security or surveillance products and also to create your personal environment of use by separating your motors in deferent categories based in which floor they are, which room or the outside area.


Depending on the number of your operations and the purpose of the use, you can choose your own technology of wireless command technology.



Connexoon is the most economical devise for remote control.                                                    It gives you the opportunity to create up to 4 deferent scenarios, controlling a single or a group of electrical automations. It is compatible with io homecontrol technology and according to the desirable function is divided into three categories, in connexoon windows, terrace and access. When you leave or enter your home, with just a simple click on your Smartphone, you can activate the closing or the opening of your automations and be informed of their state of movement. Also, you can easily program your motors to be activated in certain hours of the day, debating on the sun light or even the wind. By taking a picture by the desirer position of your rolling shutters, the smart application can duplicate the state of position by simply clicking on her.


TaHoma by SOMFY

TaHoma is a smart box and the heart of your Smart Home. It links you to your home via the smart TaHoma app. Somfy Smart Home solutions are extremely easy to use and can be installed with very little trouble. You can add products whenever it suits your needs or your budget and it is compatible with io and rts homecontrol technology . Somfy Smart Home gets the most from your home with the least possible effort. With the simple and friendly TaHoma application you can gather and control all your automations or separate them in different rooms or floors that they are.Also the app offers 3separating menus for creating scenarios,agenda and smart functions.




Program your home to create your ideal living environment,

any day. When you wake up your curtains open automatically,

the lights turn on and the heating system switches to

COMFORT mode. When you leave , all lights turn off and the

heating is set to ECO mode. Your home will come to life again

when you arrive back home: lights will turn on and the roller

shutters, blinds or curtains will close to keep the house cosy

and warm. Enjoy a system that reacts at the touch of a finger or even automatically!



Your morning routine becomes easier. Thanks to the geolocation function the opening of your workplace is done automatically. With your first entrance in your shop, the rolling shutters and the internal light are opened, the alarm systems is deactivated and the socket that connects to your coffee machine is turned on.



Where and wherever your want, you can check on yourhome. Through the app you can can switch on the lights or open the curtains, giving the impression that the house is occupied to scare off intruders. You can also keep a close eye on your house with sensors or cameras. If anything unexpected happens you will be alerted immediately by a push message that is send to your phone. If you are not in the position to check on your home yourself, your selected neighbors, family or friends get a push message too, so immediate action can be taken. Somfy smart home gives you peace of mind and a sense of safety.



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