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Industrial Sectional Doors

Our company Lowedoors represents the best quality industrial garage doors form the German manufacture HORMANN since 2006. HORMANN is the leader manufacturer in industrial use doors, garage doors and automations in Europe, producing products with high standards and extraordinary aesthetic.



The industrial garage doors are the best solution for your professional spaces. Choose your own through a huge variety, depending on the use of the space and the technical clarifications of the building. Emphasize in the thermal insulation with the double skinned panels, the clear vision and the elegant looks with the glazed doors or the functionality with the innovative wicket doors and enjoy the high quality.




The sectional doors are distinguished by even panels that fit perfectly to each other and provide a harmonious overall appearance. They open vertically upwards and are suspended under the ceiling to save valuable space inside and in front of the garage. Also through to the high- quality and sufficient technology of the movement and the weight compensation the door unsure silent and safe operation.






Also the industrial sectional doors guarantee finger trap protection. Thanks to the unique form of the door sections and the hidden wire ropes inside the door frame, it is impossible to trap fingers and eliminates the risk of injuries. For extra safety measure the doors come with a special sensor monitor at the bottom edge, which stops and reverse the door in case of danger.

The industrial doors are the safest and the most secure solution for your garage. In case of spring shaft or cable break, a safety device which is integrated in the driving system, quickly activates and stops the torsion spring holding the door in a safe position. After any damages the door can easily be repaired, fast and economically.




An important advantage of the industrial sectional doors is the anti-lift properties. Thanks to a break in resistant arrestor kit, the door is tightly locked and protected against force opening. For increased security the doors also offer optional locking systems for special protection. In power- driven doors, an additional mechanical shoot-bolt can be installed, the operator cannot be started if the door is locked. Also the rotary latch, with this equipment the door lock automatically itself through the latching disc then it feels force opening and the floor locking this enables frequently used doors to released easily by foot.







An exclusive, but optional, technology of the industrial doors is the THERMOFRAME, an efficient thermal insulation between the frame and the brickwork. Additionally, in work places that it is important to have a steady temperature, the doors are available with lip seals on the both sides and a double seal in the lintel area. With this innovative solution the thermal value can be increased up to 21%, helping to save money and at the same time increase the anti-rust protection of your door.




Choose your own industrial sectional door through a huge variety of styles and panel's designs. The steel doors are consisted of double- skinned panels with hot- galvanized material and a high quality polyester- primer coating on both sides. Inside the panels are filed with PU-foam, this way the doors are particularly robust and offer good thermal insulation.





The resistant surface stucco gives the door surface a uniform structure on which light scratches or traces of dirt are more difficult to see. This unique surface is available in two deferent depths, the economical 42mm panel SPUF42 STUCCO and the 67mm panel with the best thermal insulation SPU67 THERMOSTUCCO.






The impressive surface micrograin features a smooth surface and characteristic fine lines. This surface is available in two deferent depths, the economical SPUF42 MICROGRAIN with 42 mm panels and SPU67 THERMOMICROGRAIN with 67mm panels with the best thermal insulation.






The industrial doors with steel double- skinned panels are available in 10 different basic colors RAL. The use of hot- galvanized material and a high quality polyester- primer coating on both sides of the door ensures that the German garage doors form ΗΟΡΜΑΝΝ are perfectly protect against rust


Inside the doors, the color of the panels is a grayish-white tint RAL 9002, regardless of the outside color.





The glazed industrial doors from HORMANN are fitting perfectly in modern architecture building. The eye catcher elegant looks, the maximum transparency for shop windows and the natural lighting in the building combining with the high quality construction, the high thermal insulation and the low cost makes the glazed industrial doors the best choice for every day use. The door's panel consist of large glazing frames, which they are produced using high quality aluminium extrusion profiles. Only in HORMANN, the glazings are with the innovative technology DURATEC guarantee maximum scratch resistance and a permanently clear view.








Thanks to the combination of robust steel bottom section and the large DURATEC glazings, the door is especially stable and lets a lot of light into the building.

It is available in 3 categories, the basic double- glazed panel 42 mm APUF42, the double- glazed panel 42 mm with the thermal break APUF42 THERMO and the unique triple- glazed panel 67mm that offers the best thermal insulation APU67 THERMO.



The bottom section of the door is made by a steel double panel 750mm- high, the surface is available in stucco or micrograin.





This glazed doors features large DURATEC glazings with a contemporary appearance of aluminium profiles and a steel bottom section, offering optimum thermal insulation while letting in maximum levels of natural light.

Choose your own doors considering the thermal- insulation requirements of your building. The doors are available in three deferent insulations, the basic with double glazed panels 42 mm ALRF42, the double- glazed panel 42 mm with the thermal break ALRF42 THERMO and the unique triple- glazed panel 67mm that offers the best thermal ALR67 THERMO.

The bottom door section comes as standard with PU infill and aluminium sheet cover, in both sides with Stucco textured. Optionally, the door is available fully glazed without surcharge.





The unique glazing doors from HORMANN are made of real glass, which is produced using high quality aluminium extrusion profiles. They are perfected for showrooms giving a bright, well lit space and conveying a sense of aristocracy and professionalism.

Choose between the basic profile with the one layer of real glass ALRF42 GLAZING or the thermal insulation profile ALR 62 THERMOGLAZING with the double layer glass.




The doors VITRAPLAN are jewelry for your building. The clear overall appearance thanks to the offset glazings with a fascinating mix of mirroring and transparency guarantee to match perfectly prestigious and modern spaces. The ALRF 42 VITRAPLAN are made of glazings with DURATEC technology and aluminium extrusion profiles in the same color as the glass. It is available in two colors, grey and brown.





The industrial sectional doors from HORMANN provide easy and fast passage of pedestrians with the use of wicket doors.


Thanks to the innovative construction of the doors the wicket doors are with trip- free therhold, reducing the risk of a person tripping or injuring themselves considerably. The extra flat stainless steel threshold, that is only 10mm high, guarantees easily passage to tool cars, trolleys or even peaple with special needs.






A global and unique technology is the construction of the wicket doors with extra thermal break for sectional doors with 42mm or 67mm depths. Only in HORMANN, the doors are optimally sealed in all sides thanks to the double adjustable seals.




The all-round frame consists of a flat aluminium profile, harmoniously integrating the wicket door into the door . For a uniform door appearance, the wicket doors are equipped with concealed hinges as standard.





The wicket door from HORMANN are impossible to force enter. They locked over the entire door height with one bolt and hook bolt per door section. The advantage: better stability and improved break in-resistance .







Combine your industrial sectional garage doors with the elegant windows by HORMANN and enjoy the natural light, the low cost power consumption and the sufficient ventilation. The glazings with the innovative technology DURATEC guarantee maximum scratch resistance and a permanently clear view.



Automate your industrial sectional door with the high quality motor from HORMANN. Choose your own, through a huge variety, and enjoy quick, fast, safe and restful function.





The motor WA300S4 transfers the door movement through the shaft. It is ideal for 150 door cycles (Open / Close) per day, it has soft start and stop for gentle and quiet door travel. The power consumption is 75% lower than other motors and it can be easily turned in to manual use.









Choose the operator to flange WA400 with the optional emergency hand chain, which is mounted sideways of the door, or the operator for central mounting WA400 M when sideroom is lacking. Also, the motors provide quiet operation, fast movement and guaranteed quality.






The chain drive with boom guidance ΙΤΟ 400 is perfect for doors that do not have enough side space. Optionally it is available with emergency release for inside and outside and it is recommended for industrial doors with wicket doors.








The operator Supramatic HT is suitable for many door cycles per day. As a standard comes with integrated control electronics including double 7-segment display for simple adjustment of the operator functions directly on the operator, has soft start and stop for quiet function, emergency release from inside and patented door locking in the operator boom.






Control the function of your door with the automatic systems from HORMANN. Combine the elegant design, the security and the functionality.





Choose the external control panels from HORMANN. They are made of strong, resistant plastic , they are waterproof and they including special display that shows maintenance, cycle and operating hours counters as well as error analysis. They are friendly in use and they are suitable for all industrial doors form HORMANN.

Combine your industrial sectional doors, with the economical internal controls from HORMANN. They are easy to use and they are design for industrial places.

Otherwise choose the remote controls from HORMANN with the unique technology BiSecur, which allows you to contact which your doors easy, quick, through a big distance and with high security. Choose your own through a huge variety of designs and colors.



The photocells form HORMANN is an extra measurement to increase the safety of your industrial door. Thanks to the non-contact automatic safety cut-out, persons and obstacles are quickly recognized without door contact. The door stops before contact and immediately travels upwards, virtually eliminating the risk of damage or injury.








The sensors are placed at the bottom edge of the sectional door and they are monitor the last panel during all the operation-time of the door. The crash protection at the sides prevents the swivel arm from being damaged when the door is closed. The photocells expect of increasing the safety, the also provide faster door travel and lower inspection and maintenance cost.





The light grille integrated into the frame recognizes persons and obstacles without making contact, virtually eliminating the risk of damage or injury. They are available in tow types, the HLG for height monitor up to 500mm and the ELG which covers the hole opening. This way the door insures maximum safety, increased personal protection and offers faster door travel and low maintenance cost.





For downloading the catalogue for industrial sectional doors. Click here.










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